Good morning Dr Kolch, /n Welcome to your apartment, I trust you had a safe drive over. My name is Dr. Owen, and I will be joining you over your first few weeks at the Great Smoky Mountains Dustlake Analyst Compound. (M-DAC-1 on your computer). You may use the map in the parcel attached to make your way to the Compound. Your role will play a vital part in our ongoing efforts to study and preserve the forest’s natural beauty. With your knowledge and expertise, I trust that you will fit in greatly here. When you get to the entrance of the Compound, you will see a codebox, your code is 14385. This will be your access code for all devices across the compound. Remember, your “shifts” will consist of 4 day sessions. Tuesday through Friday, every week, you will work on site in the worker’s cabins to analyze the flora of the forest. See you on Tuesday, /n Dr. Owen